Spring Wedding Inspiration, Part I

There are many reasons why people choose to have their Wedding in Spring. There are plenty of advantages to holding your special day around Easter and Spring, the weather just starts to become lovely. Also, as we are coming out of Winter and the days are getting longer and brighter, people are generally in better moods. It’s great to invite someone to an event that’s a few months away, so that they have something to look forward to! Here we have collected lots of fantastic reasons, ideas and advice on why to hold your Wedding in the Spring:


There’s lots of wonderful foods which are at their peak right now, such as lamb, pork, salmon, crab, potatoes, purple sprouting broccoli, spinach, spring onion and many more. So why not take advantage of this? Create a feast with all of the finest ingredients and let us arrange all of this tastiness for you. Click here to contact us. You can also add ice cream to the afternoon of your Wedding and help your guests see that Summer is truly on its way.


There are many different styles of Wedding dress, as every woman knows! But at this time of year you have room to experiment with many fun and different options. Knee length dresses are a popular choice in the Spring time. This cute and playful look is growing more and more popular amongst Brides. The Groom can also make the most of the weather, light weight suits are a great choice as feeling too hot can really make the day difficult, you don’t want to be uncomfortable. For the Bridesmaids, pale colours are a great option, these soft colours create a wonderful soft look for the Easter, light weight chiffon is a brilliant choice of material.


Spring has Sprung!

The good old Great British weather has had us on our toes for months but, with the passing of Easter brings sunny days and long walks through the countryside. And of course, there are the many romantic Spring Weddings on the horizon! We’ve been busy meeting many couples for tasting sessions and discussions on how to create the perfect menu for each couple that we work with.

There are many foods which are in season at this time of year and are also at the height of tastiness. We love to use fresh local produce to combine the finest food with the highest quality service.

beef fillet and shin pie

A selection of these foods are as follows:

Spring lamb
Spring Greens
Purple Sprouting Broccoli
New Potatoes

We have several scrumptious solutions for you to make the most of this wonderful food at it’s peak. Why not take advantage of this food when it tastes best? We love working with the freshest ingredients and creating amazing flavours. What would you make from this group of foods? This time of year is great for creating mouth watering roast dinners. With both beef and lamb at their best, it’s a great excuse to invite the friends and family over for a meaty feast.

fish copy

Here are more seasonal feasts from BBC Good Food:

Crab and salmon fishcakes with homemade tartare sauce.

Roast loin of lamb, peas, lettuce and bacon.

Seafood pasta with garlic bread.

For more recipes from us here at Vanilla In Allseasons click here and for a more in depth look at our menus then please click here.

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