January 28, 2011

Ingredients for 4 persons

1 medium chicken
1 medium ripe chopped tomatoes
4 Chirzo Cooking sausage
12 tiger prawns raw
12 Mussels raw
3 oz peas
1 level teaspoon of saffron
3 cups of spanish rice
8 cups of hot water or ( even better chicken broth)
olive oil ( enough to cover the bottom of the paella pan)
salt ( to taste)
level teaspoon of sweet red paprika

First, heat the oil and when it is hot enough, chicken (lightly salted ) and fry unitl lightly browned. Then add the sausage peas whilst they are cookin, make a clearance in the middle of the paella pans and fry the chopped tomatoes until they look a little pasty, quickly adding the paprika, stirring quickly and immediately adding the hot water or broth until it is almost to the top of the paella pans edge.
spanish paella in pan

Cook all the ingredients for about 20 minutes over a low gas light and tasting for salt. After 20 minutes we add the rice, distributing it evenly, making sure the rice is covered with liquid. The gas should get onto full to heat get it to boiling. It takes about 20 minutes for the paella rice to cook, however add the mussels and prawns at 10 minutes. Do not stir the rice once you have added it to the paella pans, just change it under a low heat. All the broth should be absorbed when finished. Take the paella off the hob and let stand for about 10 minutes covering the top with foil. If the rice has been cooked correctly, the rice grains should be loose, not clumped together or having a mushy texture.

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