The Christmas Feast

December 19, 2014

So now is the time of year when we are all rushing around, getting all of our food together and planning our main meal for Christmas. However, sometimes it can feel slightly overwhelming getting all of our plans together for the Christmas day.

The classic choice for the day is of course, turkey. Whether big or small, you can purchase the right bird for the amount of guests that you spending the day with. Although turkey may seem like a large bird to cook for just a few people it is possible to purchase a smaller bird for as little as 1 or 2 people.


Another popular choice is goose, or even duck. Goose is a lovely option which is slightly different to turkey, slightly smaller and also a little out of the ordinary. There are not many occasions throughout the year which allow you to create a wide range of dishes. Overall, there are many birds which you can choose from for your main meal at Christmas.

It is also a popular option to make and serve several different desserts to end the meal at Christmas. This is a great choice if you have many guests over, ensuring that there will be something to suit everyone’s taste.

But no matter the food which you decide to make for your Christmas day dinner, we wish you a very Merry Christmas from all of us here at Vanilla In Allseasons! Oh, and don’t forget the trimmings!

Images via The Independent.

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