What’s in Season This September? Part II

It is not just fruit & vegetables that are at their best during the Autumn months, fish is also particularly appetising around this time of year.

However, this isn’t just fish in regards of cod or haddock (which we love!) But much more delectable flavours. September is particularly one of our favourite months of the year as oysters are at their best – along with mussels and scallops.


This makes for fantastic canapés which we love to serve at many dinner parties in and around the North West area. Mussels are wonderful when simply paired with a nice bread as a starter. Or add them to a fish broth along with prawns for a gorgeous warming taste.

Scallops are one of our favourite starters to serve and they do not take long to prepare. They are fabulous served as a starter perhaps very simply with salad leaves, don’t forget to add cucumber to your salad – that’s in season right now too!

fish copy

Crab is another seafood which is at its best in September. Crab cakes are a classic dish which are relatively simple to make and give a lovely taste! Or, if you would like to create a taste of the deep south then you could cook up a gumbo! Crab is such a versatile meat which can be cooked so fabulously in all manner of dishes to give you a wonderful taste sensation.

So why not out together a mixed seafood broth with a large combination of tastes to really impress guests at your Autumn dinner party?

finger food prawns

A tip from us: Oysters are beautiful when paired with parsley fennel and thyme.

What’s In Season This September?

It’s very important for us to keep up with the seasons and make the best of certain foods when they are at their best. Now, the Summer has passed (although we are enjoying the odd September sunshine) which was brimming with sweet fruits. But, September and Autumn are full of many more tasty treats than you would initially think!

Many people assume that fruit is no longer longer at its tastiest once we get into September but they are mistaken! Yes, the classic summer fruits such as strawberries are no longer in season (this doesn’t mean they aren’t good anymore of course) but, there are more fruits available which work wonderfully in many baked desserts… mmm. That’s right, you guessed it! Apples are at their prime right now so get picking and bake yourself a gorgeous home-made apple pie!


Not only that but pears are also in season at the moment so to add an extra flavour to your pie you could add pears for a little sweet surprise to your pie! Other fruits which are beautifully ripe are plums, figs and the pumpkin! So don’t forget to use the fruit of your pumpkin at Halloween – you could make a scary soup!

But, it is not only fruit which is ripe and ready for recipes this September but fantastic vegetables are at their best too!

Here is one of our dishes which utilises the french bean aka the green bean which is oh so tasty at this time of the year!

This is our roasted chicken breast finished with soft herbs, served on crushed new potatoes, with peppered french beans and a wild mushroom fricasse.


Keep up with us here for more tips on the foods you should be cooking with throughout Autumn, and of course, the year!

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