Summer Sensations

April 3, 2013

It looks like the weather has finally decided to start acting like it should. With the sun making more of an appearance, we decided to take a look at what’s going to be hot this summer.

Heritage Chicken

Summer Food Trends - Heritage Chicken

With a rise in the cost of beef, pork and lamb, it seems we are favouring that humble bird, the chicken. Taking more consideration into the farming of chickens is making all the difference. Reared on small farms, heritage chickens are even tastier.

Summer Food Trends - Chicken Kiev

Chicken kievs are even finding their way back on to restaurant menus. We love this recipe from Channel 4’s Simon Rimmer.

Gilded Burgers

Summer Food Trends - Burgers

This year is all about quality fast food. The classic burger is undergoing a makeover with artisan buns, delectable sauces and new flavour combinations. Burger flavours being introduced include pork sage and onion, sweetcorn and turkey and cheddar cheese.


Summer Food Trends - Aperitivo

The Mediterranean is having a strong influence on our cuisine. It now seems we are following in the footsteps of the Italian in how they do evening drinks. Bars are offering complimentary Italian canapes, such as sweet tarts, beef carpaccio and crostini, to tuck into whilst you enjoy a bottle of wine.

Summer Food Trends - Vanilla in Allseasons - Italian Canapes

Aperitivos make great appetisers at a party. Here at Vanilla in Allseasons we have our own selection of Italian delicacies, if you’re planning an event feel free to contact us and we can discuss any requirements.


Summer Food Trends - Doughnuts

This year’s cupcake. Doughnuts, either homemade or bought from a specialist, are a great partner to coffee. With a wide array of fillings to satisfy your tastebuds, they are fast becoming the indulgent treat of the year.

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