Valentines, Strawberries & Chocolate

February 12, 2016

Sunday 14th February. Valentines Day.

Jewellery, Flowers, Fluffy Teddies? All of those things spring to mind when you’re thinking of presents for your nearest and dearest. Fun Date, Night-in, Romantic Meal out? All great options for the Valentines evening but what we’re most interested in is the food. Chocolate specifically. It’s synonymous with this romantic time of year. Whether you’re cooking for your partner or planning on eating out, Strawberries and Chocolate are always a safe bet for Valentines…

The Valentines roots are in the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, a fertility celebration commemorated annually on February 15th. Pope Gelasius I recreated the holiday as a christian feast day, declaring February 14th to be St. Valentines Day. Since then the date has lost it’s religious significance and the day is celebrated by loved ones throughout the world with people buying gifts for their partners as a display of their affection.

So why do we buy chocolates? It is something that has been identified with love for centuries. Chocolate is an aphrodisiac that holds an endorphin called Phenylethylamine, which has been linked to falling in love when found in the brain which makes it a great gift for you’re sweetheart.

If you’re thinking of preparing a delicious dessert for someone on Valentines day we recommend Chocolate and Strawberries. They compliment each other beautifully, in taste and aesthetic and there are plenty of options to try. We love Chocolate Strawberry Truffle Brownies, Chocolate Strawberry Shortcakes but our favourite is Chocolate and Strawberry Cheesecake.

If you want to make a Chocolate and Strawberry Cheesecake here’s what you’ll need:

300g white chocolate
50g butter
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
400g cream cheese
50g icing sugar
100ml double cream, whipped to stiff peaks
2 punnets strawberries

For the biscuit base:

1 pack digestive biscuits, crushed
100g butter, melted

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