Preparing 150 Individual dishes for Potential Bride and Grooms

March 8, 2017

On Saturday we will be welcoming over 20 Bridal Parties which is over 50 lovely guests into Vanilla HQ for menu tastings.

These people have provisionally chosen Vanilla in Allseasons to be their caterer for their weddings and events, and this is our chance to WOW them and show them what we can do and how we can interpret their ideas on a grand scale in preparation for their big day!!

tastings 121016 beef & bonbon

At Vanilla in Allseasons we create everything from scratch and we offer a bespoke catering service – it is very much tailored around what you want to offer your guests thus reflecting your personalities through food.

With this in mind, you can imagine the time and effort put into every single tasting dish by our extremely dedicated, talented and creative chefs, from the sourcing of ingredients ( from local suppliers wherever we can ) to creating menus from ideas on paper into the actual dishes that our clients had imagined! This can only be done by sitting down and chatting to our prospective clients beforehand, understanding their likes and dislikes and finding out more about them and their food tastes and deciding together on the perfect menu for the day.

tastings 221016 oliveboard sharing

This is no mean feat when creating so many dishes for so many people with so many different visions all on one day, with just one chance at impressing them.

tastings 121016 lemon meringue piea

The tastings are usually a couple of dishes for each course – with the intention of narrowing down to the Perfect Menu – which is very often hard to do when everything tastes soooo magnificent!!
We look forward to meeting you all – Happy Tasting xx

Example Menus