Don’t forget to photograph the food!!

November 24, 2016

So the big day is finally here! All of that planning and preparation is about to come to fruition.

Budget blown – dress, venue, catering, cars, suits, flowers, hair and make-up and plenty more besides!!

Food has probably taken up a lot of your budget and much thought has gone into the type of meal that you wish to serve to your guests – formal dining, relaxed dining, canapes, evening food – the options are seemingly endless!! Vanilla in Allseasons can help create the meal of your dreams that everyone will be talking about for years to come. Even catering for those guests with special requirements on the day – making them feel that as much thought has gone into the planning of their meal as everyone else – something we pride ourselves on at Vanilla in Allseasons.

Faye and Chris's laid back wedding at Owen House wedding barn in Mobberley.

So the day goes great – a magical day with everyone enjoying themselves eating great food, sipping fabulous drinks and enjoying the wonderful entertainment laid on in the evening.

Faye and Chris's laid back wedding at Owen House wedding barn in Mobberley.

Weeks after you are thinking about what a wonderful day it was. Your photographer has your photos ready for you to view.
Did you ask your photographer to take pictures of your fabulous meal? – A huge part of the day – and no images to remember it by…….

Remember to ask your photographer to take some shots of your wonderful food – if you have gone to the effort of booking a brilliant caterer such as Vanilla in Allseasons then food is obviously important to you – make sure it is captured so that you have memories of every single part of your day!!


Some photographers will do this anyway – but just to be certain – it doesn’t harm to ask and you may regret it if you don’t.
Images shown are by PaulJoseph photography – great at capturing all of those special moments on your big day – including the food xx

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