Christies Hospital Luncheon

April 20, 2010

Recipes of the luncheon in Prestbury:

Short Crust Pastry

500    Grams    Flour
250     Grams         Butter
200    Ml     Water

1.    Dice Chilled butter
2.    Mix with the flour
3.    Pulse in a food processor  till breadcrumb effect
4.    Place in bowl add water
5.    Bring together with finger tips
6.    Wrap in cling film and leave to rest for at least 30 mins in the fridge

Quiche filling
4        Eggs
250     ml     Milk
250    ml     Double Cream
Salt and pepper

1.    Beat eggs in a large bowl (big enough to take the milk and cream later on)
2.    Place cream and milk in a pan bring to the boil add slat and pepper
3.    Add the milk and cream to the eggs whisking all the time

400    Grams        Egg whites (around 8 eggs)
600    Grams         Castor Sugar
Squeeze Lemon Juice
Dessert Spoon corn flour

1.    Whisk the egg whites until they create a peak
2.    Add the sugar a ¼ of a time and whisk for another 5 minutes,
3.    Repeat adding the sugar 3 times until all used
4.    When completely added, add in the lemon juice and the corn flour
5.    Place in a piping bag and pipe onto silicone paper
6.    Bake at 130oC for around 90 mins

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