Breaking the tradition

November 12, 2015

Now the dust has settled from the Halloween period and the fantastic firework displays it’s already time to start thinking about the big one – Christmas. that’s right, love it or hate it: the Christmas period now begins almost as soon as autumn hits, you’ll have noticed the christmas lights have started to go up around town and the supermarkets have turned there attention to Christmas decorations.


Whilst it may be a little too early to buy your turkey for the big day it doesn’t mean you can’t plan and with so many of us happy to break the tradition every year we thought we’d share so great alternatives to the traditional turkey dish.

Chicken – It cooks quicker than a Turkey so the risk of over cooking it is reduced and can even be tastier and with the stripped carcass you’ll be able to make a flavourful stock.

Duck – A crispy alternative to Turkey and can take as little as 15 minutes to prepare. It may be pricier but its worth it for the delicate outer skin and mouth watering tender meat once it’s cooked off and its short prep time will let you get on with enjoying the day.

Vegetarian – If you’re entertaining family and friends this Christmas its always worth thinking about a vegetarian option. One of our favourite dishes is a Festive Squash Jalousie. This tasty pie is a perfect veggie option for Christmas Day and can be served with all the traditional trimmings. You can find the full recipe here:

Some yummy ideas I’m sure you’ll agree. We personally can’t wait for Christmas. The festive period always brings with it Christmas joy and togetherness and the abundance of great food only makes it better.

Next week: Christmas events.

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