Amazing Martha Payne Wins Observer Food Monthly Award

October 19, 2012

Last night, nine-year-old Martha Payne who gained international attention through a blog that highlighted the poor quality of her school meals, became the youngest-ever winner of an Observer Food Monthly award.

Martha gained public attention when her local council tried to ban her from posting images of her school dinners on her blog,

Since setting up her blog she has not only raised a very public awareness of the poor quality of the food served in our schools, but she has also documented the daily meals of children around the world and raised enough money to feed 10,000 children in Malawi.

She’s appeared on numerous television shows, met Jamie Oliver and traveled the globe to oversee her project. Not bad for a nine year old!

We think it is fantastic to see that the younger generation are raising awareness about the importance of good quality, fresh food. Her award is well deserved. Go Martha!

Read her blog here to get the full story. Very inspiring!

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