Victor Haynes

November 27, 2015

Experience has taught us that you need a few ingredients to create a memorable event. Great company, fantastic food and excellent entertainment. Throughout the year we work many functions and see lots of great events with exceptional entertainers. From Singers and bands, to dancers, to the weird and wonderful; over the years we’ve seen it all.

One of our favourite people to work events with, however, is Victor Haynes a uniquely talented and experienced music artist based in Manchester. He’s worked in the music industry for a number of years as a live and studio artist. He’s written and produced 4 albums with his musical partner Pete May.


Victor is first and foremost a soul singer, deriving influence from the likes of Luther Vandross, George Benson and Lionel Richie. Victor’s experience and talent also means he is an accomplished jazz singer, playing tracks from artists such as Nat King Cole, Sinatra and Buble. Victor divides his work between solo performance with a quality backing tracks and as part of a duo with Dean D.sax Houston to their events a smooth jazz, Kenny G feel. Victor’s work caters to both up tempo dance sets and to laid back dinner party evenings.


Victor’s range of skills and versatility make him the perfect booking for any event or wedding. To book Victor for your special occasion call him on 07711 252009 or email

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