Valentine’s Day Treats

February 12, 2015
This Saturday is Valentine's Day, how will you be treating the special person in your life? Here at Vanilla In Allseasons we believe that a wonderful way to show them how much you care is by cooking up a feast. Whether you bake them a sweet dessert, or a romantic three course meal there are many options to explore. So, we have gathered some of our favorite love themed cuisine.







Image via Pinterest.
These red velvet and white chocolate chip cookies are a sweet love themed treat to share on Valentine's Day. Simply add food colouring to your preferred cookie recipe to create this look. You can swap the white chocolate buttons for any other of your favourite chocolate chips, raisins or fruit to create the cookie of your choice. 



There are many complex recipes which you can make to impress your loved one. However, if you are not a fantastic chef, then there are still many options which you can use to express your love. In fact, if you aren't a culinary expert but still make the effort to try, don't worry as it's the thought that counts! A simple egg and toast with a heart shape cut out of the centre is a sure fire way of letting that significant person know you care.



Here at Vanilla In Allseasons we can take the pressures of cooking of your hands. If there is a special question which you are asked this Valentine's Day then do not hesitate to contact us, and we can create the perfect meal for your Wedding!

Bon appetit!















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