Tips for a Romantic Rainy Day Wedding

August 14, 2015

We can’t always guarantee good weather here in the UK, particularly in the North West! But, that’s no reason to let a little rain spoil your special day. There are lots of fun and special ways to embrace rain on your Wedding day and make it part of the experience.

Wedding photographers are fantastic at making your day look as special as it truly is, rain will become an added part of your story through your pictures. Simply speak to your photographer before your Wedding day and ask them questions about what they would do in the event of rain, and how they would overcome this to produce amazing photographs, we can assure you they’ll have brilliant ideas and back-up plans.

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Tips for a Romantic Rainy Day Wedding:

Buy Wellies!
Wellington boots will not only look cute but will give you plenty of fun photo opportunities such as Wedding shoes next to the wellies and Bride and Groom stood together in wellies.

Matching Umbrellas.
Providing matching umbrellas for your guests can make all the difference when looking back at photos. Matching the colour to your theme and bridesmaids dresses can be a nice touch, although clear umbrellas can look brilliant too.

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Have a Back up Ceremony Area.
If you’ve planned an outdoor Wedding then be sure to have an indoor area to retreat to in case the rain begins to fall.

Bring Towels to Dry Seats and Benches.
Sitting outdoors and taking pictures on romantic benches will need to be dried, being prepared will really pay off here.

No one really wants to plan for a rainy Wedding but if you are prepared then you’ll enjoy it either way! Good luck this weekend everyone.

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