Rock’N’Roll Wedding at Heaton House Farm

August 28, 2013

Themed weddings are becoming vastly popular as they are great ways to express you and your partner’s personality and interests.

Heaton House Farm

Photo Credit: Adrian Thomas

Last weekend we catered for a retro Rock’N’Roll wedding that was held at the bespoke wedding venue, Heaton House Farm, which is set on the border between Cheshire and Staffordshire.

The venue was decorated in monochrome and featured cute ideas that added to the music theme of the event.

Tiered Table Centre

It included a tiered tower made from different sized records that held wedding favours and dried flower confetti. The wedding favours included nostalgic sweets like Liquorice Allsorts and everyone’s favourite Swizzel-Matlows.

Stone Roses Table Sign

Tables were named after the bride and grooms favourite bands, like The Stone Roses and a ‘Little Black Book of Set Lists’ was featured on each table for guests to share their favourite songs and artists.

Hay at Heaton House

Outside were these giant hay bales dressed as a bride and groom dubbed Mr and Mrs Hay that have been a feature at many of the Heaton House Farm weddings over the summer.

For more information on Heaton House and the events they organise, visit the website.

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