Portland Wine

November 20, 2014

Portland Wine specialise in high quality wine & beer from independent producers. It is a nice idea to purchase your wine from them to try something new – don’t get stuck with the same tipple! Try something different and exciting, you never know, might just find your new favourite. Head over to their website here.

You can choose wines from around the globe, as you can search for wine by region on their site. This is particularly useful when choosing your wine to make sure that you get the right taste just for you. Or you can try something different, and select a wine from a region which you may not have tried before & have fun with it. It is interesting to know about the origins of wine, as they ways in which they are made make such a difference to their taste, so it is best to know about their manufacturing. They also have great special case deals which can be found on their website here!


You can contact Portland Wine by telephone on 0161 928 0357 to get your orders in and have your wines ready for you this Christmas. They also provide a free delivery service for all orders over £50. When have you ever had a better excuse to order more wine? So go on, try something fabulous and purchase your speciality wines today. This is a great opportunity for you to stock on on your Christmas supply! 

Head to Portland Wine for your specialist wines & beers. They also stock spirits too!

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