In Season Now – Asparagus

April 22, 2014

Here at Vanilla in Allseasons, we love a bit of asparagus! Fresh, crisp and delicious,
this wonderful veg is in season from April through to June.

Why not head to your local farmers market or green grocers to pick some up?
Once picked, asparagus loses flavour and tenderness quickly, so if at possible
it really is worth eating it on the day you buy it in order to enjoy the best
flavour and texture.


If you’re preparing and serving it at home, follow these easy steps –
Wash in cold water and remove the bottom ends of the stalks (with fresh asparagus they will snap off cleanly).
Boil or steam quickly until just tender, around 4 to 7 minutes depending on thickness.

Try serving it lightly steamed and with a little butter and sea salt, or a side dish of horseradish.
It also works beautifully with some Parmesan shavings sprinkled over the top.
Simply delicious – Enjoy!

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