Have A Hog Roast

June 12, 2015

We all know that Weddings are often sophisticated delicate occasions to reflect matters of the heart. Flowers are a beautiful touch and hanging lights are just the cherry on the top to add that romantic atmosphere.

However theres no denying, that we all like to really enjoy ourselves tucking into the food and drink as it’s a great thing to bring people together and share a great day, especially when the Summer sun is willing to poke its head out of the clouds.


Image via Pinterest.

Here at Vanilla in Allseasons we can provide a delicious hog roast feast, thats great for all the family, especially those who like getting stuck in to tasty meat dishes. It’s a great hearty meal, that looks well presented on the plate, perfect to fill that empty hole after a fun day of dancing and laughing with close friends and family members.

Our Staffordshire Hog Roasts supplied by J.J.J Heathcoats in Bollington are roasted on the spit for 6 hours and you can also choose your own, from a choice of three of our home made juices made by our top chef Simon who has worked in some of the best restaurants of the North West. Our marinades create a unique taste that goes perfectly with the tender meat.

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