Event Food Trends 2014

January 2, 2014

Here at Vanilla in Allseasons, we are always looking ahead. Not only because we are passionate (marginally obsessed) about food,
but also so that we can be sure to offer our clients the latest food ideas and suggestions, should they need them.

Today we share our top event food trend predictions for 2014.

1. Colour

A trend that looks set to stick around this year is one of vibrant, pretty colours. Many people are choosing to move away from
classic white and neutral shades and are opting for a colour scheme that is bold and punchy.

A clever way to add colour to your event is with a stylish dessert table or edible place setting. Macarons are perfect for this!

Via: belle the magazine

Late last year, we catered for the fabulous wedding of bridal gown queen, Charlotte Balbier. She chose a selection of
pretty macarons which added colour and a chic, classic feel to her event food.

Our friends at Mum’s Macarons
provided a vast selection of these delicate sweet treats in a variety of shades and flavours.

mums macarons
Via: Mum’s Macarons

2. Best of British

As you may know, we love fresh and seasonal food and always try to source the very best ingredients from local suppliers.

With this in mind, we have been very pleased to see a rise in popularity for traditional British dishes. From miniature roast
beef and Yorkshire pud canapes, to tiny cones of fish and chips and full hearty English roasts.

Our miniature roast beef & Yorkshire pud canap├ęs with horseradish cream always go down a treat!

3. Quirky Themes

Although many people love to stick with classic, traditional style, we have seen a huge rise in themed weddings and events.
There are no rules and many of our clients are looking for unique ideas to theme their celebrations.

We love to work with our clients to create unusual and exciting menus that best represent them and their personal style.

You may wish to select a traditional menu from your home country, or from a place you visited on holiday.
Last year we created menus for an American party, a Caribbean theme and traditional west African food
to name but a few!


Perhaps you want a particular theme for your event, such as a fun fair or circus theme. An era such as 70’s is ideal for an anniversary party.
It’s completely up to you!

Whatever you choose in 2014 – we can help. Please feel free to contact our team to discuss your ideas.

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