Dinner Party Decoration

August 19, 2013

When it comes to hosting a dinner party, preparing and cooking the food is only half the battle. Serving the food in a way that keeps it fresh, hot or cold, and easy access to guests can be tricky.

Today we take a look at how to create the perfect dinner party.

Rearrange the Furniture


Don’t be afraid to rearrange the furniture before the party. If you’ve gone out of your way to invite friends over for a nice meal at your home, make it as comfortable as possible. The more space there is the better but remember to make sure there is space for everyone to sit down. This may mean removing some items and storing them in the garage or another room.

Depending on how your hosting your dinner party, it can be a good idea to create different food stations to stop everyone congregating in one spot. One area could be for drinks, another for desserts, whilst one area can be used to serve the main meal.

Break Out the Good China


If you own a specially bought set of crockery, don’t be afraid to use it. Sometimes people are afraid of it breaking and not being able to replace it but wow your guests with your display pieces. If you don’t have matching sets. embrace it. Mixing and matching styles and colours can bring a unique element to your dinner party.

Scouring vintage shops and car boots can be a great place to find individually crafted items that would make for interesting table fodder.

Set the Mood


The simplest and still effective way to create a lighting atmosphere is by using candles. Nobody will complain about there being too many candles. Using white Christmas lights can make a dramatic impact. They can be used for mood lighting and as a backlight by hiding them away on kitchen cabinets, behind a sofa or tucked behind a food table.

We mentioned rearranging the furniture, this doesn’t stop when it comes to lighting. That soft lamp you adore from your bedroom could be introduced into the dining room and no-one will be any the wiser.

Au Naturale

Au Naturale

Embrace a bit of mother nature into the dining experience. The obvious way is by including fresh flowers but don’t overdo it. If you buy a big bouquet, break it down into small bunches to stop them from getting in your way. They can also stop people from seeing each other if you keep them together.

Go with what the season is offering. If you have a herb garden, sprigs can add a pleasing scent. Another way is to have open containers of various herbs and spices on the table for people to use. It looks nice and adds some freshness to the room.

Height and Texture

Tiered Stand
Photo Credit: Mark R Williamson Photography

Add some height and texture to the table. The easiest way to do this is by buying some cake stands or tiered servers. If you can’t get your hands on these a neat trick is to turn bowls and trays upside and cover with a tablecloth or sheet. For texture, get hold of hygienic materials like some slate or wooden boards.

Don’t forget to arrange the easy to handle foods in the middle of the table and the harder ones on the edges of the table. Leave some space for guests to put their wine down too!

What tips do you have to create a luxury dinner party? Share your ideas over on our Facebook page.

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