Creating the Perfect Mediterranean Dish

July 24, 2015

This time of year has us feeling all Summery, and when the sun comes out we wish for nothing more than to be sat on a Spanish beach taking in the view and sipping a sangria.

What also gets us excited here at Vanilla In Allseasons is the beautiful latin cuisine. Mediterranean food often refers to food originating from regions close to the Mediterranean sea from countries such as Albania, Egypt, Portugal and of course Spain.


Mediterranean food is rich with flavour, from the beautiful meats which are often included in its dishes such as anchovies and tasty smoked ham. Not only does it taste great but it looks fantastic too. The range of lovely grilled vegetables brings a vibrant set of colours and creates a sweet smell that helps make the Mediterranean cuisine both scrumptious and fragrant.

We at Vanilla love working with Mediterranean food and have a Mediterranean inspired menu. Take a look at page 9 of our formal menu here to find more about our amazing Mediterranean options.

Vanilla staff cooking

There are many great dishes from this area of the world, and we have picked a selection of our favourites to create impressive dishes to serve at your events. Whether risotto is your favourite or perhaps a tuscan stew we really do have something for everyone. Contact us here to discuss your desired menu further.

So go on, jump into Summer and start creating your very own Mediterranean dishes

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