A Note from the Management

January 23, 2014

This morning we received an email, a confirmation from a new client. Upon feeling that same sense of pride and excitement
we always feel when someone chooses to work with us, we felt compelled to write a quick update about the business.

It really is wonderful to manage a business that you feel passionately about, something that excites and inspires you every day.


Over the past few years, our business has grown quickly. We have increased the size of our premises and our team to allow
for this expansion.

For the first time, we have more bookings than we can handle at times, and although we do everything we can to accomodate,
we sometimes have to face the upsetting and frustrating reality of turning work away.

However, despite the many changes and developments at Vanilla in Allseasons, there are a few things that we have never lost,
and will never lose sight of.

1. Our Values

Our company values and ethos remain fully intact,we continue to work with local suppliers and locally sourced produce.


2. Our Customer Care & High Standards

Our standards remain high and we take time to ensure that each and every one of our clients feels special and important,
no matter the size of their job or requirements.


3. Our Enthusiasm

We still love what we do, in fact we are more passionate about it than ever. Being a part of these important
moments in peoples lives is what drives us forward.

Each thank you note we receive, every positive comment and every client who becomes a friend. It all means a great deal to us.


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