A Little Lunch

August 7, 2012

In the news today, Jamie Oliver has labelled our country’s food education as, unforgivable. It certainly does seem that he has a point.

With kids becoming more unhealthy and favouring only junk food, our younger generation is becoming increasingly unaware and disinterested in basic healthy eating. What can we do about this?

It is important to educate our own children and encourage them to develop a taste for a wide variety of food. Today we look at some great ideas for kids lunches.

We think that the trick is to make food exciting. Try adding fun, variety and colour to their lunches and encourage them to enjoy lots of different colours, textures and flavours.

Together we can all make this country a healthier place. Children are amazingly responsive to new things if you start them early enough. We hope this has inspired you.

Do you have any tips, ticks or ideas for healthy eating that you would like to share? Get in touch! We would love to hear them.

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