Let Your Guests Help Themselves

April 25, 2016

Vanilla in all seasons cater for a range of different events from weddings to corporate functions. Over the years we have become experts at assisting our clients in finding the right tone for there event. Formal sit down meals are always a good choice for a more formal setting however this week we want to focus on something more casual, a buffet style meal can be just as enjoyable as a set menu.


Buffets are a good idea for many different reasons, if you have a large amount of guests attending your wedding then a buffet is the easiest way to meet everyones needs. A set menu can be difficult for guests who have certain dietary needs or allergies. A buffet allows guests to take as much or as little as they want of each food group and the food will always be hot as the caterers will frequently bring out fresh food. Guests going and serving themselves at buffets can also encourage social interaction which is a good way of getting people mingling at your event.

Buffets can be decorated with gorgeous linens, floral arrangements, lighting and table design and can create a lovely setting for your food. At Vanilla we source all our meat, fish, vegetables and other key ingredients from reputable local providers creating the finest quality food for your event (see last weeks blog about the importance of local produce). If you’re planning a casual summer event and would like Vanillainallseasons to help you make your day one to remember please don’t hesitate to contact our lovely team.

Example Menus